About Us

We are a team of professional Advanced and Intermediate Life Support paramedics with qualified facilitators, instructors and moderators. Being exposed to trauma cases
for a number of years has given us the opportunity to assess the causes of many accidental deaths in our community, workplace or homes.


Our Main objective is to educate people regardless of their level of education. This basic technique so far has reduced fatalities at a considerable level.

We are a fully accredited company in the field of first aid

Our training courses enable companies and other organizations to comply with the legal requirements laid out in the Occupational Health
and Safety Act by the department of labour.

Partnership / Training

We recently partnered with Fezamax Training Services to fulfil the role of dedicated first aid training division.

We will be expanding our services in the near future to include more than just first aid training.

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Course - First Aid Level 1 (25 - 26 February 2019)








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